RES. Mitigation


via-eSpecial Report of the Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change

The Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (SRREN) of the IPCC Working Group

III provides an assessment and thorough analysis of renewable energy technologies and their current and potential

role in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. The results presented here are based on an extensive assessment of

scientifi c literature, including specifi cs of individual studies, but also an aggregate across studies analyzed for broader

conclusions. The report combines information on technology specifi c studies with results of large-scale integrated

models, and provides policy-relevant (but not policy-prescriptive) information to decision makers on the characteristics

and technical potentials of different resources; the historical development of the technologies; the challenges of their integration and social and environmental impacts of their use; as well as a comparison in levelized cost of energy for commercially available renewable technologies with recent non-renewable energy costs. Further, the role of renewable energy sources in pursuing GHG concentration stabilization levels discussed in this report and the presentation and analysis of the policies available to assist the development and deployment of renewable energy  technologies in climate change mitigation and/or other goals answer important questions detailed in the original scoping of the report.

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